Profile Pricing


Profile Pricing!


The cost for a flash by virus


  • $5.00 deposited into my PayPal account will purchase you a tight flash

  • Turns transferred into my account at: Pimpwar, HappyPimpin, Truethugz, Canadianpimping, Truehustler, PimpAddiction & StreetGamez 

  • Additional hosting is also available on a per month basis for your flash(s) (up to 5 flashes), cost for hosting your flash(s) is $2.50 per month

Don't look so surprised, if it was cheap to maintain a website everyone would have one

If your interested, send an email with the following info: Pimp Name, a song title and artist, any clips  u want in the flash and an idea of what your looking for in your new flash

send to  ViRuS